Trouble loading the game / issues with sound?

Download the Windows build below!

Streamers: You can't fullscreen the game but you can zoom in on the webpage!


Help Pâquerette capture the buns as she goes deeper and deeper down the bunburrow! 🐇

Get outsmarted by bunnies as they won’t let you corner them so easily! ❗️

Finished the game and want more?

Capturing the buns was key but were you able to find baby bunnies? 😏

There may be some secret meta mechanics at play but shhh don’t tell anyone! 👀



  • Move: WASD/Arrow keys
  • Reset level: R
  • Lay/Pick up a trap (if you have one!): Space
  • Pause: Escape


  • Move: Left Stick
  • Reset level: Y
  • Lay/Pick up a trap (if you have one!): A
  • Pause: Start

(You can reset the whole game from the pause menu!)


This is our entry for Ludum Dare 48! ✨


We are proud to announce we’re turning Pâquerette Down the Bunburrows (note the “s”!) into a full game releasing soonish!

>>> Please go wishlist the full game on Steam! <<<

You can also follow our fresh Twitter account for updates!


If you're also curious what Pâquerette does with all these buns, check out our main project Horribunnies! You can go wishlist Horribunnies on Steam and follow its development on Twitter!!! <3


PaqueretteBunburrow-Windows 43 MB

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J'ai eu un bébé !
Très sympa petit jeu, très propre et polish, intéressantes mécaniques de puzzle et super musique ^^

Aww merci!