Post-launch hotfix

Hoy! I released patches for minor issues and I wanted to be transparent about the changes made compared to the game's build we published at the end of jam:


  • Added missing FMOD logo to splash screen
  • Fixed the skybox color based on the current world theme
    • People can see the skybox if they're zoomed in or out on the page, WebGL behaves weirdly to keep the game pixel perfect
  • Added a warning before the elevator in the last level (y'all were way too intrigued!)
  • Fixed some audio issues
  • Added some more incentives regarding baby bunnies at the end of the game
  • Fixed elevator floor counter sorting order
  • Fixed some missing decals in world 3
  • Fixed dialogue instant skip bug

Also added a Windows build (the page initially only had a WebGL one)!


  • Fixed another dialogue instant skip bug

that's it! happy bunny chasing!


PaqueretteBunburrow-WebGL Play in browser
Apr 28, 2021
PaqueretteBunburrow-Windows 43 MB
Apr 28, 2021
27-04-21-Hotfix 25 MB
Apr 27, 2021
WindowsBuild 39 MB
Apr 27, 2021

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