Mahoumu is a runner-type game mixed with rhythm elements. You play Micky, Jean, Abby and Beth, 4 magical girls, as they flee from their last mission and rush towards home...

Each heroine has her own attack which helps overcome its own set of obstacles and foes !

Controller inputs are color-coded :

  • A (Micky) : Green jump
  • B (Beth) : Red shield
  • X (Jean) : Blue slash
  • Y (Abby) : Yellow punch

Keyboards controls are available :

  • Q (or A), W (or Z), E and R in the same order as the heroines on screen !

This game was made by a team of 5 in 3+ days during Abiding Bridge's first GameJam :

  • Lenophie (hey it's me !) : Game Design, Development (More game-y stuff here)
  • Pakrett : Heroines' Character Design, Animation, Level Design, Game Design (More art here)
  • Epilost : Foes' Character Design, Background Art, Game Design (also more here)
  • Bassman : Music, Sound Effects (soundcloud here)
  • JRoz : FX, Backstory & Lore (not in the demo, we know :c), Professional Multi-Tasker <3, Menu Art

Voices by Selene (Abby), Eli (Beth) & JRoz (Micky, Jean)

We know there is a lot to improve but that's how gamejams work ! :3

Hope you enjoy the game <3

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